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Discover and enjoy the flavors of Asia!

For over 30 years Central Asia Pacific has been purveyor of high quality Asian food products to customers all over the world.  Founded as the buying arm of Europe’s renowned Asian supermarket chain Paris Store, Central Asia Pacific is today regarded as one of the most trusted exporter and distributor of the world’s favorite Asian flavors.

Going by the motto “if we don’t have it, we can source it”, Central Asia Pacific procures products from over 20 countries in Asia, making available the most diverse range of authentic ingredients to meet our customers’ needs. Achieved through local partnerships and deep-rooted relations, our wide procurement network allows us to gather important information on products, meet manufacturers for quality checks and negotiate the very best of prices.

With customers spread all over Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand as well as South Africa, we work hard to understand our client’s business and market environment. Besides providing advice and support on product selection, we do our best to help customers comply with different food safety standards and requirements.

Quality begins from the ground up. In additional to sourcing and supplying, we also provide a range of over 10 private-labels to cater to all Asian cooking styles, including Eaglobe brand, Kailo brand and Jia brand, our signature premium brands. From rice, noodles, tea to condiments, frozen food and a range of household items, our own-brand products all boost excellent availability, lead times and product shelf life.

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